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Coaching at the Kwa – Ford Primary School

Volunteer Coaching will take place after school or on the weekend for special coaching clinics.
Sports will include soccer/football, rugby, netball, hockey, cricket, and athletics.

Volunteers can either engage in sport practices after they have taught at the school or come out to South
Africa and specialize in coaching and create an amazing sport atmosphere at the school. The children are full of enthusiasm, willingness and energy to learn and play. As Mandela said, what better way to unite people than through sport, so come and share your skills and inspiration with the children of South Africa!

Volunteer tasks will include:

  • Coach chosen sport
  • Design coaching clinics
  •  Skills training and sport development
  • Fundraising for the sport upliftment projects
  • Assist in re-building the existing sporting areas

Freewalker is assisting in the development of a stimulating learning environment through the overall continual self-sustainable growth of the school. Through the Freewalker sports program, we plan to develop the sports facilities through the help of the volunteers.

Below is a list of projects we are working on, but there are many more in the works.

  • Sport Programs and development
  • Sports field upgrade and events
  • Sports equipment and equipment room
  • Creating our own School Teams