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Learn while travelling

Holidays are different for everyone.  Some people fall in love,  Some just relax and get burnt,  some want to help and some want to learn something before they head back to the normal grind.  Of course if you are like me then I normally try do all of it!

Falling in love just happens. BOOOOOM and you are in love.  Sitting in the sun is easy.  Just sit and if there is sun then no problem.  Not going to be a big daddy BUT…. please remember to put on sun screen.  That African sun burns.

lectureWe already help with finding the right volunteering program.  Those programs that encourage you to help people, animals or get your hands dirty by getting in gardens  and building buildings.  And now we are putting together programs so that you may learn something new.

We have put together a few programs that range from a couple hours  to a couple of months.  Ranging from adventure like learning to scuba, surf, skydive or paragliding.  To courses that get you qualifies to be a game ranger.  Would you like to learn to cook or learn your camera.  Would you like an introduction into Xhosa bead work.  Would you like to get your hands dirty and learn to garden or are you more interested in academia.

We have devised a couple of programs that you will meet the locals and spend some times learning something new.