Myriam – France

Hi Brian

We wanted to write you this to give you a proper feedback on our experience.

We arrived in Cape Town on the 2nd of January, got a cab from the airport to the Ashanti Backpacker.
Very nice hostel. They organized a small braai on Thursday night. Good attention, nice people.

myriam1On the 3rd of January we went on the Cape point tour you organized for us. The guide was fantastic,
really good vibe, funny, he well knows his job (his name was Alexi). I was surprised not to see any
baboons as I remembered them from last time I was there. They offered lunch, simple but nice.
Yesterday I recommended you for this tour to a friend of mine planning to go to South Africa in
October with her family. We were lucky enough to be able to see the carnival. Great fun. We visited
the famous Bo Kaap district and we had diner in the Biesmiellah, they offer really good cape malay
food.myriam 2

On the 4th we went to get the car. It must be told that no visa debit, laser card are authorized. Only
Credit card. Also it is important to note that the person paying with his card for the renting MUST
provide his driving licence even if not planning to drive. I booked the car with my card but as I was
not planning to drive, I did not bring my driving licence with me at the moment. That was a big
problem. We had 2 options: cancel this booking and make a new one or provide my driving licence.
Fortunately I had brought it with me in SA. But other guys were not that lucky.

We spent the night in Nysna, at the Elephant rest. It’s a really nice place at a walking distance to the
waterfront. I had dinner at JJ’s. A bit expensive but fantastic sea food and excellent attention. The
owner of the place kept coming to the table to make sure everything was fine and they offered us a
drink at the end of the meal.

On 5th.01 we went to the East Head café for breakfast. It is right next to the sea. Prices are good.
There is a small track to go up the cliffs. The café as such is on the top of a small cliff giving you
a great view. Nysna is definitely a lovely place to visit. We later stopped in Noetzie for a short
break. The road from Nysna to Jeffrey’s bay is probably one of the best for bungy jumping. I would
personally never try that. I have scare enough to go over those bridge with a car!! We had a snack in
the storms river at the Marilyn 60’s. The attention was dreadful but the place is quite surprising. Lost
in the middle of a small area is this restaurant with 2 old Cadillacs and the whole place was decorated
by a fanatical of Marilyn, Elvis Presley, Cadillac…

We stayed at the Island Vibe is Jeffrey’s bay. I was a little bit disappointed as I had stayed there
before and this time we were place in a separated house outside the backpacker. Probably because
we had booked a double but still, I’d thought we would have stayed on the main site, which is by far
the best. This might be something to mention to your future clients: if they wish to stay on the main
site, they might need to stay in dorms. However, the house we stayed in is nice for groups as it has
his own garden, barbecue, kitchen and else.

On the way to Grahamstown we went to the lion’s park. Not really something I would recommend. It
was very disappointing. Animals are in very small enclosure. Not something you want to see in Africa.

We were hoping to visit Addo park but got there too late. As we hamyriam 5d left the N2 we kept on the road
along addo park to reach Grahamstown and to our amazement a herd of elephants was just next to

the fence, next to the road so we stopped and had the amazing experience of seeing them right here,
right next to us.

Once in Grahamstown I went to check my old residence and school. Then we went to the Whethu
Backpacker. The tree house is fun. Sean and Robben were very nice and helpful.

On the 7th Robben drove us to the Kariega game reserve where Azel was waiting for us to drive to our
new home. Azel is new in the reserve but she is really good. I can’t believe she is only 23 !!!

myriam 4On the first day, the whole herd of elephants came to our house. That was just unbelievable. Thehouse is great and well located.

In our first week, we had a family sharing the house. The group (the family, Gustavo, I and 2 other
girls) was very enthusiastic. We shared some fantastic moments. We actually behaved like a real family. However, the second week was quite different. The family was replaced by a group of 6
young students. Quite unrespectful. I don’t think they were conscious of the fantastic place they were in. I think things started to get tougher for Azel and that Helena would need to support her in these particular cases.

If something needs to be said about our work is that the tools we were given were not reallymyriam 7 adequate. We could have done a lot more and better with better tools.

Azel is a very motivated person, really enthusiastic, we could not have dreamt of a better person to take care of us.

The fact of staying on the game reserve was definitely a plus. We heard lions at night, monkeys
jumped on our roof in the morning, warthogs kept breaking in …

It is nice to know that volunteers have a 50% off on the reserve’s SPA. So we actually went for a back massage the day before we left.

After spending one night in the Whethu on the 17th we took a bus to Cape Town. Once again, Robben
and Sean were more than helpful. Sean drove us to the bus stop at 4.30am and remained with us
until 6.30am when the bus finally arrived. He always kept his good mood !

Arriving at cape town we took a cab to the “Colours of Capetown”. Very nice place if you have a car.
Our cab could not find it and we had to call the owner to come and fetch us. It is far from the center
so not adequate for people wanting to walk around. The place has a gorgeous swimming pool.

We gave you many details of places we went to so you can recommend them if you wish.

We wanted to thank you for everything. We really enjoyed it and will recommend smiley face tours !!