Cycle and Boat (Sloep)

This trip involves a cycle and a boet (sloep) to Utrecht along the most picturesque river in The Netherlands. Maney Famous Dutch people have bought houses along this really pretty river.


Includes: Bike, lunch, guide and sloep trip, kids child seats.

Pick up point: Amsterdam

Drop off point:Utrecht (Bikes get dropped off in Vreeland and a boat to Utrecht)

Extras options:

Castle tour: 1.5 hours
Windmill Tour: 1 hour
sup-boarding: 1 hour

A day out just what the Dutch would do if they had free time.

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The tour departs at 9 am for small groups of not bigger than 9 persons per guide.

Once you have chosen your bikes. We head out of Amsterdam. There is allocated 5 hours to visit the sites by bike. The itinerary is flexible and can be adapted to each group.

The goal is to head towards the Vecht and catch the sloep at Vreeland. approximately 30 km away from the starting point.

there are castles and windmills to visit.

Once we hit Vreeland we get into a sloep and head up the river ending in Utrecht.

Waiting for bridges. waving at locals. swimming in the Vecht. Having snacks on the boat. Enjoying the sun and just having a relaxing day.