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Rescuing & Rehabilitating Black-footed Penguins with SAMREC – Port Elizabeth

penguinsCome help save our only penguin that is quickly diminishing from this earth!

The South AfricaMarine Rehabilitation & Education Centre(SAMREC) is located in the unspoiled Cape Recife Nature Reserve and rescues all marine birds along the Port Elizabeth coast line from PE onto Woody Cape. All efforts are put forth to rescue, rehabilitate and release these li’l buggers back to the wild!
Volunteer Penguin Rescue Program: As well as learning about the life- cycle and conservation of the African Penguin, which is an endangered species, volunteers will also be hands – on as you are being taught how to catch, hold, feed and tube feed these wonderful birds. Volunteers will also be involved with the many other tasks that need to be carried out daily including the preparation of fish, cleaning of facility, pools and mats, sterilizing syringes and many more things. The training you will receive by SAMREC will allow you to handle the birds safely. Volunteer will also be able to assist in the educational department, teaching all the urban and rural under privileged children about the beauty of nature and assist in
tours of SAMREC. Once you have completed the project, you will leave with great memories and would have had a life changing experience.

Volunteer tasks will include:

  • General assistance where ever possible
  • Assist in Feeding/rehabilitating of the African Black Footed Penguin
  • Involvement in Sea School Program- Education and outreach programs
  • Assisting of the field guiding of the Cape Recife Nature Reserve
  • Working closely with consulting vets
  • Assisting in analyzing and taking blood from various animals
  • Assisting on marine rescues
  • Tour guides for the facility