Day tours,  Grahamstown

Rhino search

rhino frontThe Black Rhino as its name suggest is not black but brown or grey.  Actually is the furthest from black.  Why do they call it a black rhino you may ask.?

Well urban legend tells the story of when we came to Africa in the early times.  Back in the late 17  early 18 hundreds.  We saw a rhino with a wide mouth eating grass on the plains. The people referred  to it as the wide mouth Rhino.  With our Dutch accents and African accents wide sounds like white and so white rhino name was born.  And obviously the other one with out the wide mouth is black.

This trip leave to find the other hooked lip rhino.  This smaller Rhino with its big boy attitude.  Makes it the favourite of the Smiley Face crew to see.

Tour departs departs every day at

15:00 May – October

15:45 November – May

Min of 2 persons