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Swaziland, Durban, St Lucia, Kruger and Johannesburg 7 days

Leaving Grahamstown, we drive into KZN, and head to Durban. Here you can just chill on the beach, learn to surf, party it up, or check out all the cultural sights sunny Durban has to offer.

Saying goodbye to Durban, we venture up the coast to St. Lucia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site at the convergence of five different Eco-systems. Anywhere you look in St. Lucia, chances are you’ll see some wildlife.

After leaving St. Lucia, we cross the border of South Africa into Swaziland. The friendly people and stunning landscape will greet you with open arms.

Heading back into South Africa, we enter into the Kruger National Park. Here you’ll get the opportunity to view almost any animal you can imagine. Hippos, Crocs, Lions, Elephants… Kruger has it all.

The final stop on this whirlwind tour is Johannesburg, the economic and cultural hub of southern Africa. Joburg is the perfect place to return to from the rural Kruger Park. With tons of museums, vibrant and bustling markets, great live music and a big city life night, there’s nothing you can’t do in Joburg.