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Teaching at Kwa-Ford Primary School – Port Elizabeth

Volunteers have been focusing their effort towards improving the lives of the children at Kwa-Ford Primary School in New Brighton, with great hopes to eventually touch many of the Schools in the Port Elizabeth area.

New Brighton is one of the oldest and the poorest Township of Port Elizabeth, established in 1903, with an unemployment rate of around 80%. There are 300 children at Kwa-Ford Primary, ranging from Grade R (4-5 yrs old) to Grade 7 (11-13 yrs old) and 12 teachers. The children are from underprivileged families in the surrounding, poverty stricken area.

The school is trying hard to educate the children in the best possible way, using the extremely limited resources available, with minimal funds.
Volunteer Teaching: You do not have to have any teaching experience, just the passion to inspire the next generation! You will be assisting an existing teacher in the classroom, teaching and practicing your English with the Xhosa speaking children and work together to create a more stimulating learning environment for the students. You may shadow a teacher until ready to take classes on your own. Volunteers add their skills and knowledge to an existing school curriculum and events.

With foreign presence, the children and the teachers gain from learning about new cultures and experiencing new teaching styles. The volunteers gain by being part of a vibrant culture and learning a new way of living, along with better understanding the hardship these children endure.
Volunteer tasks will include:

  • Teach your Country’s culture in the Freewalker International Culture Room
  • Assist teachers in composing and evaluating tests/exams
  • Help with feeding the learners
  • School garden maintenance and harvest
  • Caring for and teaching kindergarten students
  • Upliftment project throughout the School
  • Overseeing recess and play time
  • Maintaining the School library
  • Design After School Programs for the students
  • Aid in fund raising events